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Sodium molybdate


Nátriummolibdát, Sodium molybdate, Molybdic acid disodium salt

CAS: 10102-40-6

Sodium molybdate acts an important role as a fertilizer in agriculture, chemicals tracer in chromatographical analysis, effectively corrosion inhibitor in industry. Besides, it has lots of aplications in manufacturing pharmaceuticals, alkaloids, dyes.
Sodium molybdate



Sodium molybdate is an odorless, white, hygroscopic solid (small scales or flakes). It is slightly soluble in water, insoluble in ethanol, acetone. Stable under ordinary conditions. Incompatible with alkali metals, most common metals and strong oxidizing agents.




The agriculture industry uses sodium molybdate as a fertilizer. It is a readily soluble source of molybdenum essential for optimum legume growth. Being the source of molybdenum, sodium molybdate is useful for curing a broccoli and cauliflower disease known as whiptail .

It is very important for nitrogen fixation by leguminous plants such as clover, lucerne, peas and beans.


BIOCHEMISTRY (chemicals tracer)
Sodium molybdate is used in biochemistry and medicinal chemistry to track various organic chemicals that are colorless after a chromatographical analysis, which it always stains blue. The blue color is also called molybdenum blue.


INDUSTRY (corrosion inhibitor)

It is used in as a non-oxidizing anodic inhibitor. The addition of sodium molybdate significantly reduces the nitrite requirement of fluids inhibited with nitrite-amine, and improves the corrosion protection of carboxylate salt fluids.


Other uses:

-        manufacture of molybdated lubricants, pharmaceuticals, alkoloids, dyes, pigments,

-        buffing compound for galvanizing,

-        retardants and metal depressants,

-        descaling agents, bleaching agents,

-        water treatment.

CAS Name of article Recent inventory Package unit Request offer
10102-40-6 Sodium molybdate 64.00 kg 25 kg/bag
10102-40-6 Sodium molybdate 25.00 kg

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