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Isoamyl alcohol


Isoamyl alcohol, Izoamilalkohol, IA

CAS: 123-51-3

Isoamyl alcohol is used as a solvent and as a raw material for acetate esters, plasticizers and lubricant components. Can be the effective cosurfactant used in DNA extraction or for preparation stable microemulsions. It is specifically flavored for flavoring and perfume use. It is the intermediate for thiophene and acetate manufacture.
Isoamyl alcohol


Isoamyl alcohol (IA) is colourless to pale yellow, clear liquid with characteristic, disagreeable alcohol-like odor. Soluble in alcohol and ether but slightly soluble in water. Stable under ordinary conditions of use and storage. Heat contributes to instability. Flammable. Incompatible with strong oxidizing agents, strong acids, acid chlorides, acid anhydrides. Reacts with reducing agents.




General application (based on chemical and phisical properties)



Isoamyl alcohol is believed to act as a foam breaker by reducing the surface tension in local areas to exceptionally low values, thereby causing these areas to be thinned rapidly to the breaking point by the pull of th surrounding higher-tension regions. That has a very important role in microemulsified systems and it is largely responsible for their stability, mainly in systems formed by ionic surfactants.

DNA extraction

Isoamyl alcohol is often included in genomic extraction protocols to help prevent or reduce foaming of the reagents, making it easier to detect the interface between the organic and aqueous phases. Its concentration is very small comparing to the other reagents (phenol:chloroform:isoamyl alcohol: 25:24:1).



On solvency, the amyl alcohols fall in between the hydrocarbon solvents and the water miscible lower alcohols and ketones. Paraffin wax dissolves in the hot isoamyl alcohol. Various polar plastics and high molecular weight esters also employ isoamyl alcohol based solvent systems. For example, cellulose esters, shellac, Kauri gum, copal esters, urea formaldehyde, and paraffin. It is a diluent for printing inks, lacquers, gum and inhibitors.


Application domains



Isoamyl alcohol is used for estimation of fat in milk and milk products.

It is used as solvent for the preparation of synthetic apricot, banana, cherry, greengage, malt, orange, plum, and whisky flavors.



IA is the initial raw material for the production of a number of drug preparations: barbamil, validol, bromisoval, corvalol and amyl nitrite.



Isoamyl p-Methoxycinnamate acts the role as a UV light absorber.

UV absorbers, like sunscreen agents, have the ability to convert UV radiation into less damaging infrared radiation (heat).

Isoamyl alcohol is specifically favored for flavoring and perfume use.


Other uses:

Intermediate for thiophene and acetate manufacture.

Hydraulic and lube oil additives.

Frothing agents in mineral dressing applications.

Used in tertiary crude oil recovery processes.



Notes: IA is considered as a hazardous substance that is why food addictives are permitted for direct addition to food for human consumption.

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